About Us

A little about us

We are an accomplished business consultancy and software development company. We specialise in providing business process improvment to companies throughout the United Kingdom. We have completed projects for manufacturing, construction, insurance, legal and retail companies.

We have introduced business change by refining business processes in collaboration with senior stakeholders on a number of business change projects, and where appropriate introduced or changed computer systems to streamline the flow of information through the organisation.

We also act as an intermediary when companies are looking to select a supplier of computer systems

  • Server & PC hardware, and software including selecting the version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Website development, maintaining a WordPress site and search engine optimisation to get you up the Google rankings
  • Software and hardware maintenance and support
  • Software development – including gathering requirements, managing the project and evaluating cost
  • Provision of package software including Sage Accounts, customer relationship management software such as !Act by Sag

These encompass writing the business case to justify expenditure, running workshops with internal users and clients.

The Company has been providing quality consultancy services since 2012